What IS beyond Playdough?


Open Ended Materials

Things that have no limits.

Things that have no rules.

Electricity Optional.

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An Art Museum?! With Kids!!!!

The MIA has A LOT to offer families. Here’s my quick and dirty list:

  • Family Days – We explored Knights and Castles in March, the Sea is slated for April and Animals in June.
  • It’s Free, which makes it easy to pop in for 20 minutes once in a while and feel okay about it. Donations always appreciated.
  • Interactive online stories – this is the best. Using the free Target-sponsored WiFi, go to the MIA.org website and punch in the numbers on the blue tags next to most of the art. What will you hear? Not who the artist was/is, but questions about what game is being played in the painting, could that really be golf? Etc. My pre-tweens LOVE this.
  • Online Resources like Artconnected.org. From home you can explore and interact with a whole new world at the MIA or the Walker Art Center.
  • The Family Center. A great place to chill with a D’Amico Cafe next door where you can greet me as the Mayor since I’m there so often.

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Glue + Ephemera + a Wall

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